Accompanying a client exhibiting at a trade show in Mexico

Megan is a key manager at a seed and grain wholesaler. When her in-house salesperson left the company and began approaching her customers in Mexico, she hired Dave to accompany her on a sales visit to meet her distributors and translate into Spanish when necessary.

Sales increased immediately, because her customers now knew and trusted her. Part of it was her company’s quality and service … but the personal relationships she developed by visiting them were crucial. Two years later, she hired Dave again to work a trade show in Mexico with her, and within a week received orders for a full truckload and a full train box car from two new customers she met at the show.

Megan learned fast, and has now hired a Spanish-speaking person to handle Mexico under her supervision, so now that her company is fully equipped and trained, she and Dave will simply be friends. A big win for Megan’s company … so glad we could help!



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