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Participants gain the knowledge and confidence to find new global opportunities and make their companies stronger and more profitable while minimizing risk. Easy to understand and follow, every workshop is drawn from over 25 years of experience in 45 countries, and delivered in an interactive, approachable, and inspiring style.

Training from experience on the front lines of trade

The Art and the Science of Trade

Trade topics fall into these two buckets. See how below.

People skills, judgment, experience

The Art of International Trade

Soft skills make a big difference.

Finding In-Market Reps and Partners

Identifying, approaching, setting up, and supporting reps and distributors in your target export market.

Nearshoring / Sourcing From Mexico

Covid and geopolitics have shown us that we can’t always count on distant supply chains. With an office in Mexico, Can-Mex Trade can help you bring your suppliers closer to home.

Target Export Market Selection

Research and identify the export market that's right for you.

Customer Targeting and How To Reach Out

How to find and approach potential customers in new foreign markets.

Value Proposition Development

Define an impactful value prop that will resonate with your target customers.

International Sales Strategies

Every market is unique. Develop and execute the right strategy in the market you select.

Navigating Cultural Differences

The impact of culture is crucial. Understand, adapt to, and use it to your advantage in an impactful way.

Negotiation Skills

Highly culture based, negotiating toward win-win relationships that last for the long term.

Selling Services vs Products

12 subtle but crucial differences between selling services and products.

Strategic Planning

A well thought-out plan is your roadmap to success in new foreign markets.

International Branding

Build your brand in a way that resonates with your foreign customers.

Market Entry Options

Five main ways of entering a new foreign market. Discover which one(s) are right for you.

Effective Trade Show Results

One of the fastest and most effective ways to enter a new market, if done correctly.

Action Planning

Build a list of easy, bite-sized tasks that move you toward achieving your objectives.

Knowledge, data, measurement

The Science of International Trade

Get information that will help you base your decisions on facts.

Accessing Funding Programs

Your government WANTS you to export more! And it often has programs to help you pay for it.

KPI's and Measurement

Use both leading and lagging indicators to help you make quick adjustments, and stay on track to achieving the goals you set.

Online Market Research

Discover useful tools to help you evaluate, understand, and make informed decisions about your next target market.

Supply Chain and Logistics

More important than ever to use this as a competitive advantage - not a distraction and costly pain point.

Tax and Legal Compliance

One of the Top 3 risks in international business is failing to comply with regulations. Make sure you know the rules.

Protecting Your IP

Nobody would steal your IP, would they? Yes, sadly, some would. Know when and how to protect yourself.

Digital Marketing

Understand how to effectively target customers and partners in new markets, using methods that work for THEM as well as you.

Getting Paid

Another Top 3 Risk in international trade. Financial and insurance tools are available to both protect you … and give you a competitive edge.

Business Processes

Learn how to map your processes and identify areas you can improve. Helps you to increase your efficiency and productivity throughout your company.

Action Planning

Build your own step-by-step action plan, along with sales and cost forecasting. This will be your road map into the new markets you select.


Automate everything you can, and let your humans do the thinking. Funding is often available to help you pay for it.

Note For Canadian companies

Trade Accelerator Program

If you're a Canadian company, check out the award-winning Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) from the Toronto World Trade Centre, which is available right now at extremely low cost. Dave is the Lead Facilitator for the TAP program, and is proud to play a part in the remarkable results they attain: on average, TAP graduates will triple their exports, double their overall sales, and grow sufficiently to require hiring four more people within three years. That’s a faster rate of export growth than any country in the world, bar none. Sign up now!

What our clients are saying

Great energy, expansive knowledge and excellent content! The best training program I've ever taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

If we decide to work with The Export Coach, are we stuck with you?

No. We work with you if, when, and how you decide. You can stop whenever you want. And if in our initial discussions we don’t think we can deliver more value than you pay for, we'll tell you.

What if I just need someone to oversee what my team is doing in house, to make sure my people know what they’re doing?

We call this the Friendly Uncle model. Yes, we are happy to supervise your team, provide some insights and ideas, and help them to succeed cost-effectively with only occasional involvement. We work with you in whatever way works best and is most profitable for you.

Let's Roll

We love helping companies export more, or bring your sources closer to home (especially Mexico).

Reach out and let’s talk about your situation, goals, opportunities, and challenges. Your consultation is free and there is no commitment to move forward. If I can help you, we can discuss how and provide some options. If I can’t, I'll tell you that too. Either way, your knowledge and strength will have begun to increase by the end of our conversation.

International Trade Services

We can do it for you. Or we can train you to do it for yourself.

Strategy & Execution

We do it for you, fractionally.

Network of Experts

Don't see what you're looking for? We've got you covered!

The Export Coach has an extensive network of experts that are ready to help companies like yours do successful business internationally, and we can refer you to specialists with deep knowledge and experience in their respective areas of expertise.

If you have a requirement for one of those experts to share their knowledge and/or deliver a specific service for you, reach out and we will be happy to refer you so that you can make an informed decision on engaging them.


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