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My personal goal is to help you – or people and companies you know – to take advantage of international business opportunities that you may be missing, and that will help you to strengthen and grow your business.

We just don’t know where your best opportunities are yet. Let’s talk, and discover together if and how we can collaborate to find out!

Note For Canadian companies

Trade Accelerator Program

If you're a Canadian company, check out the award-winning Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) from the Toronto World Trade Centre, which is available right now at extremely low cost. Dave is the Lead Facilitator for the TAP program, and is proud to play a part in the remarkable results they attain: on average, TAP graduates will triple their exports, double their overall sales, and grow sufficiently to require hiring four more people within three years. That’s a faster rate of export growth than any country in the world, bar none. Sign up now!


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