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Why can we help you?

Because we've been where you are.

We understand what our clients are facing because we’ve been through it ourselves.

We’ve been on the front lines of international trade for over 25 years in 45 countries. We’ve won battles against tough competition around the world – and have also made, and seen, plenty of mistakes. And every one of them has been a learning experience that helps the companies we advise now.

Dave Archer The Export Coach & Lead International Business Expert

The Export Coach

A Note From Dave

Sales and sourcing in new international markets is what I do for fun and profit – yours and ours. Been doing it for almost 30 years. It’s really satisfying building relationships, delivering value, growing a company against tough competition, sharpening a client’s “trade saw” and making them tougher global competitors, making clients and even their customers more profitable … and having some fun along the way!

So how did I get called “Coach”? Teaching a course at the local university, one of my students nicknamed me that years ago. Said he felt more like a player on a team than a student in a class. Word seemed to get around, class sizes went up, either because students loved our high-energy sessions – or maybe just because I was an easy marker! Loved the interaction with the upcoming generation … couldn’t stand the marking.

Now, for the last few years of my career, it’s time to share what I’ve learned along the way. I remember what it was like … international trade seemed so daunting! Never enough information. Looked full of risks. Didn’t know what to do – or how to do it. But now I do, and am here to help others get out there and win. It’s not as hard as some people think. Easier than eating termites, as I did in one of our YouTube videos!

That’s why I’m here. I can show you what to do and how to do it. Is success assured? No. Will you make mistakes? Yes … but they can be minimized. Can you increase your probability of success, and build your strength, capability, and toughness in ALL of your markets, foreign and domestic? You bet you can! If you can run a business, you’re capable of expanding internationally. What stops most folks is … themselves. So let’s roll!


  • 25+ year international business career, experience in about 45 countries
  • Three-time Global Traders award winner
  • Lead facilitator for the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) from World Trade Centre Toronto
  • Native in English, fluent in Spanish
  • Delivered training and talks across the USA, Canada and Latin America
  • A shipping container full of specialists in their specific areas of trade ready to address any requirement you may have
What our clients are saying

Dave is the best export coach! He clearly cares and wants us to succeed. He has tons of positive energy and really lights up the room!


Trade Accelerator Program

Dave is proud to be the Lead Facilitator for the award-winning Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) delivered across Canada to 2,000 companies and counting. TAP companies, on average, grow their export sales faster than the average of any country in the world, bar none. If you are a Canadian SME, consider joining the TAP program.

Knowledgable Team At Your Service

Network of experts

Dave has broad experience in – and can speak to – virtually all aspects of international business.

But some crucial aspects of trade, especially “the science” – rules and compliance driven, like tax, legal, IP protection and others with immense bodies of knowledge that change among jurisdictions – are best addressed by specialists with the deepest resources in their fields.

If Dave doesn’t have the answer, he probably knows someone who does, and is happy to steer you in the right direction to get the expertise you may sometimes need.

Let's Roll

We love helping companies export more, or bring your sources closer to home (especially Mexico).

Reach out and let’s talk about your situation, goals, opportunities, and challenges. Your consultation is free and there is no commitment to move forward. If I can help you, we can discuss how and provide some options. If I can’t, I'll tell you that too. Either way, you will know more than you did before our conversation.


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